Do You Need a Bodyguard

The following are some questions you need to ask yourself about whether you need a bodyguard:

  1. Is it Necessary?
  2. Does an executive or individual in your company require a bodyguard service and personal protection?
  3. Has there been verbal, e-mails or printed threats made to an executives or family member?
  4. Is there a trained professional on staff that can evaluate or analyze your personal protection needs?
  5. Do you have an employee vulnerable to physical harm while working in dangerous areas in the world?
  6. Are you or your company going through a period of heighten media attention or public litigation?
  7. Can’t I just train my driver?

Now that you have asked yourself the above question and determined that you need a bodyguard.  The next question and most important question “DO I HAVE TO HIRE A TRAINED BODYGUARD”?  This answer should be “YES.”  For the following two reasons:

Reason 1

Some transportation companies and security companies offer protective services, but upon investigation most of their “so-called professionals” have no training or experience in handling terrorist threats, defensive driving, or bodyguard/personal/executive protection.  Usually just big burly guys with a four (4) hour mandatory state Concealed Weapons Carry license.

Reason 2

Be wary of some companies offering “bodyguard” services.  Most states require certain active licensure to operate.  The State of Florida offers a web site for you to verify if the licensure on companies and individuals offering security or bodyguard services (  Some companies advertising “Bodyguards” are just providing minimally trained security officers and are charging you for a bodyguard.

Providing “Bodyguards” requires more than just having someone armed or unarmed visible day and night. It requires vigilance for potential problems, training in how to prepare and have contingency plans, up to date knowledge of ongoing conflicts/trouble areas, connections with the profession for assistance or updates on potential problems. Anyone providing “Bodyguard Services” should be able to advise you, the consumer, after evaluating your circumstances on how to best provide your security needs and be able to modify his recommendation to fit your needs.

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