Corporate Investigations

Founded in 1994, Protection & Investigation Services, Corp has served corporations with multiple complex investigation projects ranging from corporate espionage, mergers & acquisitions, business intelligence, risk analysis, due diligence, feasibility studies, evidence gathering, loss prevention, fraud scheme detection, bank fraud, litigation support, counterfeit products, and other confidential security protocols.

Our mission is to service the needs of clients throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and Latin America. Protection & Investigation Services clients have included Fortune 1000 companies, banks, corporations, embassies, law firms, oil refineries, pharmaceuticals, institutions, insurance underwriters, and international agencies. At Protection & Investigation Services we are noted for high quality management consulting, and confidentiality. We also handle loss claims/recovery, risk control, and forensic/financial accounting services with former KPMG staff. Protection & Investigation Services is presently a leader in the rapidly expanding security industry practice of business risk management.

The underground world of criminal activities has challenged the security foundations of many corporations. Not to mention the illicit eavesdropping methods of intelligence agencies and saboteurs to gather information to control international commercial markets. The cyber IT intrusions with Trojan Horses and other monitoring technology is taking control of all operational movements. In Protection & Investigation Services we recommend safeguarding applications to prevent intrusions, counterfeits, and other devious operations against your company. Examples are Microsoft, Enron and others. The unique methods of espionage, executive greed and terrorism need to be detected in order to secure your assets and future business operations.

Learning from experience can be too costly. At Protection & Investigation Services we provide preventive protocols, protection, countermeasures and security safeguards….

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Once the free initial consultation is completed and a signed contract is approved we require a retainer for said services.  We accept credit cards!