Corporate Espionage

Corporate espionage is a threat to any business whose livelihood depends on information and has proprietary confidential data.  The intelligence sought after could be clients lists, supplier agreements, personnel records, research documents, CD files, legal agreements, patented products, credit card info, phone lists, company files, or prototype plans for hew product or service.  Any of this confidential information could be of great financial benefit to an unscrupulous individual or competitor, while having a devastating financial effect of the company.

Just about any information gathered from a company could be used to commit scams, credit card fraud, blackmail, extortion or just plain malice against the company or the people who work there.  A customer list, for example, could be sold to competitor or used by a sales person to start his/her own business; thereby affecting the profitability of the victim company.

At Protection & Investigation Services we will design a Risk Analysis of your vulnerabilities and recommend measures to implement to your management and operational procedures to prevent any unforeseen sabotage disruption.

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