Celebrity Protection

We live in a society where paparazzi can be out of control, almost everyone has a cell phone with a camera and video recorder, and many people seem to reach “celebrity” status overnight. These facts all make it even more important to have protection.  That’s one reason why we offer celebrity protection services and details.  Whether you are a local celebrity, state celebrity, national celebrity or an international celebrity – we can coordinate and execute the protection you want and need.

Any of our agents who are on a celebrity protection detail are required to protect the people who make a living in the public eye. We understand that your fans expect and want you to interact with them – even at the end of a long day or when it isn’t convenient for you. It is our job to be there to keep you safe around the fans who just want an autograph or a picture, but also the “fans” and the paparazzi who may want to be too close or to do you harm.

We also understand that we represent you in public. So it is critical that we maintain an appropriate image, one that reflects on you in a positive and professional way.

In addition to protection and safety, people do treat you differently when you have a well-trained and professional body guard or protection specialist. We’ve all seen the paparazzi pictures of the untrained or “tough guy” bodyguards who don’t maintain order and don’t protect their clients adequately or who create a scene because they don’t know how to handle problem fans or media.

Protection & Investigative Services understands these concerns and each of our professionals are trained on how to protect you and to handle difficult situations. We will also discuss any concerns or special needs that you may have.

A Few Examples of the Celebrity Clients We Have Worked With:

  • Sony Music president and artists
  • Dubai Saudi Families
  • Protection for a Famous Photographics family from Dubai
  • Sharika (signature signing)
  • Thalia (signature signing and Protection when she was in Miami)
  • Ricky Martin (signature signing)
  • Tommy Martolia (when he was in Miami)

How can we help you?

Call us at 772-370-6411.

Once the free initial consultation is completed and a signed contract is approved we require a retainer for said services.  We accept credit cards!