Background Checks

We are masters when it comes to background checks and criminal histories.  Prospective employees might say anything on an application to get the job, but sometimes backing it up poses a problem for them.  An applicant might say that he is a Harvard graduate and has ten years of experience in your type of business.  It could be true.  However, it could all be a lie.  The diploma could be a fake; there are many ways to buy fake diplomas.  If you’re not an expert at doing background checks, you could wind up hiring someone who has lied on his or her application.  If a person will lie about their background to get a job, what else will they do if they get the job?  Believe it or not, but it happens quite frequently.  Let us do your background checks on all of your prospective employees, and hire them with confidence.  Let us do thorough background checks to verify the information from a job applicant you have been given is true before you hire someone, or when you begin to have concerns about a potentially fake or troublesome background.

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Once the free initial consultation is completed and a signed contract is approved we require a retainer for said services.  We accept credit cards!