About the Owner

Mr. Walter Masterson, the company’s President and Founder. Mr. Masterson takes a hands on, no nonsense approach to Protection & Investigations Services, Corp.

Specializing in Personal / Executive Close Protection, Security Escorts and Courier Services, Walter Masterson chooses to stay close to the area which made him and his company one of today’s leader’s in the Industry.

Walter Masterson-Owner Protection and Investigation Services2Protection & Investigation Services, Corp likes to place special emphasis on Asset Protection & Kidnap & Recovery negotiations as in today’s all to uncertain world, it pays to have your assets properly looked after.  Walter Masterson has a long verifiable history of Impressive accomplishments to date. Having worked with Wackenhut Corp; where he captained the officers monitoring and processing Juveniles at the West Palm Beach Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC), and even more impressive is his career with the Fort Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Department.

The list of Walter Masterson’s prior Law Enforcement career accomplishments is extensive. He performed the duties of Police Officer for the Lansing Police Department. As a Rapid Response officer on a Tactical Assault Team, and for one of America’s largest Casino operations (Harrah’s) he honed his Surveillance skills while monitoring the patrons on the casino floor.

Prior to his aforementioned assignments, he served his country proudly for 20 years and obtained the rank of Staff Sergeant. As an Administrator he worked at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. performing Intelligence Analysis and preparing close protection teams for High ranking General Officer’s and foreign dignitaries. In possession of a Top Secret (SCI) Clearance, our country trusted him to work with & disseminate highly classified and sensitive document and information. This entailed management coordination & training of military personnel, who performed bodyguard and close protection duties.

Further to his education, he is trained in threat assessment, Crisis Management, Counter Terrorism and Counter Surveillance, Close Protection Evasive Driving (BSR) and Advanced Firearms Tactics.

Walter Masterson has attended, Graduated and trained in all of the following:

  • Basic First Aid and Adult/Child/Infant CPR
  • Small Unit Training (SUT 1 & 2)
  • BMD Defense, Inc.
  • Kroll Crucilble
  • (ESI) Executive Security Institute of Colorado
  • (BSR) Bill Scott Racing Academy (Winchester VA)
  • U.S. Military School of Anti- Terrorist Driving (Winchester VA)
  • Lansing Police Academy (Lansing, KS)
  • Marine Academy (Texas)
  • Police Academy Texas
  • He is considered by all a team player.

We are listed with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR)

Call us at 772-370-6411.

Once the free initial consultation is completed and a signed contract is approved we require a retainer for said services.  We accept credit cards!